About KRRs
Welcome to KRRs Training! KRRs is owned and run by Natasha-Anne Davies,  she have been training dogs for years but only decided to make a go of it as a business in 2015.

Natasha-Anne qualified as a Canine Behaviourist in September 2015 and as an ADTB Approved Instructor in December 2015. 

Natasha has lived with Border Terriers for the last 10 years. She competed with Stitch (pictured right) in Agility, gaining many rosettes before Stitchs' unfortunate death in 2015. Now Natasha-Anne lives with a Beagle Mix and a Springer Spaniel, Ria (Beagle Mix) is now working as part of the KRRs Canine Team and Kyla (Springer) is in training

In answer to the question on everyone's mind, KRR stands for Kentelv Raspberry Ripple - Stitch's Kennel Club name. Stitch was the one who inspired and motivated Natasha-Anne enough to instruct and was the rock in her life when she needed one most, therefore it only felt right that the business should be named in her honour and loving memory.

Trainers Training!
Natasha-Anne is always signing on to courses and gathering more knowledge and qualifications. She currently hold the  qualifications below:
Canine Behaviour Training Diploma (CoE) 
Canine Communication Diploma (CoE)
Level 1 Dog Law (BCCS)

Clicker Training

Canine First Aid Course (ProTraining)
(Human) First Aid

Core & Proprioception Awareness
Common Injuries & Prevention
Soft Tissue - healing, pain & inflammation - how this affects the performance & sporting dog
Muscular Assessment and the Application of  Canine Massage in response to findings
Preparing your dog for sports and activities  – Developing Balance, Strength and Stamina

Agility Course Design & Judging (KC)
Requirements of an Agility Judge (KC)

Understanding What Makes a Dog Tick Diploma (ADTB)
Setting up a Successful Class (ADTB)
Puppy Training Course (ADTB)
Bronze Training Course (ADTB)
Silver Training Course (ADTB) 
Gold Training Course (ADTB)

Certificate in Dogs & Children (Canine Principles)
​Certificate in Emotional Intelligence (Canine Principles)
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  1. Experience
    We train dogs and owners to work together as a team to get the best possible results. We have been training dogs of all breeds and sizes for many years and love every minute of it.
  2. Passion
    We are different as we were inspired by Stitch's success and her ability to demonstrate and motivate others. We love to see other owners and their dogs achieve the results they aimed for, whether that be a basic sit and stay or a more complex command such as back up or play dead.
  3. The KRRs Team
    The team is made up of qualified Behaviourist, qualified Instructors and experienced Handlers. This ensures that we can offer the best service possible.