A message from Natasha-Anne:

I'm Natasha-Anne, welcome to KRRs Training! I have been training dogs for years and helping out at a few clubs but only decided to make a go of it as a business myself in October 2015!

I qualified as a Canine Behaviourist in September 2015 and as an ADTB Approved Instructor in December 2015. In July 2016 I passed my Canine Communication Diploma. I am also qualified as a Canine First Aider and Kennel Club Agility Judge.  I am constantly signing up to new courses and workshops to expand my knowledge and gain new training methods

I lived with Border Terriers for 10 years (pictured left and below), grew up around farm dogs - Border Collies and Welsh Sheepdogs and now live with a Beagle Mix and a Springer Spaniel! 
I began Agility training with Stitch in 2013 when she was 10 months old, in an attempt to curb her never ending energy supply! After 9 months training, Stitch and I began competing; gaining many rosettes before her unfortunate death in 2015. Throughout her life she attended many classes with me, often demonstrating her skills to anyone who would watch. 

In KRRs first year, we achieved listings on The Agility Club Division Tables and the AgilityNet website, became Kennel Club Affiliates, participated in five events and took a competition team to seven Agility Shows. 

I am often asked "why KRRs?" : KRR stands for Kentelv Raspberry Ripple - Stitch's Kennel Club name. Stitch was the one who inspired and motivated me enough to instruct and was the rock in my life when I needed one most, therefore it only felt right that the business should be named in her honour and loving memory.

KRRs is currently offering
Canine Behaviour Consultations in Blackpool, 
​​Lancaster and Preston areas - prices dependant on travel time. We also offer Obedience classes ,  Puppy Foundation, Foundation Agility & Agility  classes and Workshop/Seminars in St Michaels. We have also recently formed a partnership with the School Therapy Dog Association, working together to ensure the dogs in schools across the UK are up to the task. In 2018 we began running Barks & Brews Socialisation sessions and in 2019 we expanded to offer individual dog walking

We operate a "positive reinforcement only" policy and do not deviate from this. Any forceable act towards dogs under our tuition or observation will not be accepted and any consultation will be ended. 
We aim to meet every owner's aims, whether this is just finding the bond with their dog or learning the sit, stay and down commands. Every dog, like humans, is different and will demand different training techniques, it is KRRs ambition to find the right method for your dog.


So... let's meet the KRRs Canine Team...

Border Terrier 
7th June 2012 -
5th September 2015

Beagle Mix
11th November 2015

English Springer Spaniel
24th December 2017