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We hope you have found our services satisfactory and you have enjoyed your time with us so far! 
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Pauline Royle & Freya
16 month old Schnauzer X Poodle
We have taken part in the Foundation and beginners agility, Freya loves it do I! We have both gained a lot of confidence by doing this and it is so much fun. Kerry is 100% encouraging and has a lovely way with Freya. I have found gains I didnt expect through doing Agility - Freya pays attention and listens to me much more. she will step onto the scales so i dont have to pick her up to weigh her and she will step into a plastic tray when I need to wash her feet!

Sandra & Tess
3 year old Working Sheep Dog
Tess and I would like to say a huge thank you to Tasha and Kerry for all your support, encouragement, advice and just being there on Saturday 14th April at the Dig it Dog comp. Tess and I really enjoyed ourselves, with your support and advice we came away with a first for jumping, a second for agility and a third for steeplechase. We could not have achieved all this without you. Here’s to the next comp. Tess and I would also like to thank the rest of our KRR’s team mates who made the day such a nice relaxed and enjoyable experience, and congratulations to you all. Sandra and Tess 

Deborah Dodd & Poppy
5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier
After attending a different agility class before moving to KRRs I feel I have learnt and achieved far more and have a better bond with my dog in a very short space of time. Advice is brutal  🤗 but in a very positive way! I never leave feeling like we havent achieved anything even on a night where things havent gone to plan  🤗

Laura Everingham & Ruby
6 month old Labrador
Would just like to say a massive thank you for all your advice and support with all three of our assessments! We took everything onboard and really worked hard with Ruby and everything has paid off! Will definitely be recommending to all friends! Dad has already been telling strangers he meets on walks about you guys too! Thanks once again! 
Had a really progressive period over the last three months working from Bronze through Silver and smashing Gold Assesment. Very proud of the work Ruby (aged 6 months) has learnt over the weeks and the tough love and support we received from Natasha and Co.  🤗
We’ve learnt lots about training our puppy in a kind and caring environment. Love it.  🐶

Pauline Royle & Freya
10 month old Schnauzer X Poodle
Both Freya and I really enjoyed ourselves at the Games & Awareness Workshop, not only did I bring home one very tired pup but also one vey tired owner - we both slept for 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon!
Thank you Natasha and Kerry for all the thought and effort you put into ensuring the event was a success. Also thank you for the help you offered during the event. I really liked that most of the games could be carried on at home.
I know it was the first one of this kind you have run so here are a few of my thoughts. I think at 3 hours it was a bit too long, probably 2 1/2 hrs would have been better, but that may be on account of Freya's age. The time spent on each activity at 5 mins, sometimes was just right, some too short and others too long.  It was a really good idea to suggest no breakfast before we came, Freya ate nearly her breakfast weight in treats.
I enjoyed the teach your dog a trick, although I didn't have much idea (thank you Kerry for rescuing me) I learnt from seeing other people's tricks. I liked the time out each session and going outside whilst the next round was set up, it gave a needed breather. Lastly would it be possible to have a sheet with just the list of games on it (doesn't need an explanation) as an aide memoire to take home.
Thank you again, I hope we will be able to take part in another one in the future. 

Jane Collier & Ozzie
10 month old Springer X Retreiver
We really enjoyed the Games and Awareness Workshop, some great ideas - simple and fun - Ozzie especially loved the muffin tin and the ball pool. 
It worked well with the different stations & rest periods.

Wendy & Craig Coulson & River (Puppy Foundation Agility)
9 month old Cocker Spaniel
Wow what a vivacious six weeks, so so much fun, miles better than that obedience stuff. I learnt so much and I loved all of it. Even the allocated homework was fun.
My balance and core strength has improved tremendously.
As I expected my trainers Kerry and Natasha were nothing but exceptional. They were always in high spirits and very encouraging.
This training should be compulsory for all canines undertaking agility courses, as not only has it improved my alertness of equipment but facilitated me with an invaluable grounding for progression.
Kerry and Natasha thanks thanks so much your coaching skills are phenomenal. I am hoping that one day you will assist me to achieve my aim, which is to be a champion.

Love River xx

Wendy & Craig Coulson & River (Obedience - Silver)
9 month old Cocker Spaniel
Having passed my Bronze, I was encouraged by my Mum to undergo my Silver Award. So glad I did as I came top of the class with a score of 100%. My success can be attributed to my hard work and a remarkable deliverance by Natasha & Karen. It was disappointing that Karen was only able to teach the initial classes, as she was no pushover and ensured that all canines completed their homework. I particularly enjoyed the different stations where I could practise my skills. I did feel that additional monitoring by the trainers was required, as you could have cheated (Not that I did). It was unfortunate that Natasha was busy completing health checks. I have found both Natasha & Karen to be very inspiring individuals, both of whom import their knowledge with such passion. At times I was too eager to wait, Natasha advised my Mum to turn her back on me so I could not pre-empt her command - it worked! Natasha was also very adaptable in using different equipment for myself and another dog to prevent confusion in the Puppy Foundation Agility class. 

Thanks Natasha and Karen for making me a star! 


Obedience 11517

Jessica Evans & Bella

2 year old Patterdale Terrier
Massive Thank you to Karen! We have noticed a massive difference in Bella. You give excellent feedback and helped me stay calm when bella was being disobedient Thank you!

Rebecca Robinson & Archie 
6 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle
Really enjoyed the 8 weeks and learnt so much. Never imagined so much progress could be made in such a short time. 
All the encouragement and praise for both Archie and Me went a long way and was really appreciated! Thanks

Sharon Coltart & Saffie

5 month old Cocker Spaniel X Poodle
Lovely trainer, very approachable with clear commands and guidance. Very patient and encouraging, with plenty of additional tips to help encourage reluctant dogs. 
Thank you, looking forward to the next class 

Pauline Royle & Freya
18 week old Schnauzer x Poodle
I found this course both helpful and re-assuring as a first time dog owner. All questions are answered. The trainers are kind - to the humans and dogs. The only thing I found was that all the commands were not introduced. About week 3/4 we were asked to walk around and ask our puppies to stand/sit/lie, stand had not been mentioned previously.

I would recommend this course and look forward to continuing our training. 

Thank you for our training, we've had a lovely time and learnt a lot. Freya thinks you have been a big help in getting her human organised and to do as she is told!

Wendy & Craig Coulson & River (Puppy & Bronze Obedience)
18 week old Cocker Spaniel
River has enjoyed his classes and developed / learnt new skills. He was fond of his trainers. River would have preferred the makeup of the class to be that of puppies - he was very apprehensive of a 12 month old lively Lab. 

Rivers mum feels that a handler should have only one dog as two occassionally had an impact on the class. 

River found the puppy playtime beneficial and identified that he was frightened of certain noises in the environment which he and his mum will work to overcome.

His mum found the health checks extremely important and useful, together with the sharing of information re preventing diseases and infections. 

Together River and his parents felt the classes were excellent and would ot hesitate to recommend them. River says he is looking forward to Hoopers and Silver if he passes his bronze.

Sandra & Tess 
2 year old Border Collie

Tess and I would like to say a huge thank you to Tasha and Kerry for your time and support over the last few weeks. Tess, as you are aware is a bouncy energetic working collie and loves her agility, she is so fast and in her eagerness to please she can become over excited. With your patience and time you have shown us how to bond even more closely than previous and to listen to each other, you have ensured that I understand Tess and her quirky ways, by showing me how to give clear instructions to Tess. Due to having clear instructions, Tess is much more focused and as she is understanding what is expected from her, we are becoming much more confident as a team and our bond is growing ever stronger, did not think that it would be possible for our bond to be stronger but it has with a shared love of learning together, we are looking forwards to possibly competing in the future, none of this would have been achievable without your professional caring friendly support and teaching, Thank you again, looking forwards to new and exciting times and experiences. Sandra and Tess 

Mary O'Connor & Benson
19month old German Shepherd
Benson has loved being in this class, great training and well explained by Natasha. 
Well run and we look forward to next classes. 
All questions are answered properly and extra advice given.

Nicki & Sean Greenwood & Charlie & George
9 year old Labradors
George and Charlie our labs are notorious for running off and because of this we rarely let them off the lead. A few weeks ago we went on a recall workshop with KRRs dog training and tonight for the first time ever we walked St Anne's prom with the dogs off the lead. Were still apprehensive but its a lovely feeling seeing the dogs enjoying themselves. 9 years old - who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks

Naomi Devenport & Chase & Patch
2 year old Border Collie X Labradors
Thank you so much Tasha, both Chance and Path loved you.

All the advice you gave me had really helped. I feel so much more confident taking my boys out. 

Can't thank you enough

Richard, Helen & Adam Todd & Zac
10month old Golden Retreiver
Excellent 3 hour workshop. Relaxed and very informative 
Friendly Trainers who knew their stuff 

I had fantastic success today on the beach with zac. The confidence kerry and Natasha have given me on the recall workshop has been invaluable.

Would recommend

Obedience 61016

Suzanne Parkes & Harley
5 month old Border Collie X Bearded Collie
Great Class, really enjoyed it. Puppy playtime was great and we learnt alot. 
Really looking forward to Hoopers!

Dawn Turner & Poppy 
2 year old Cocker Spaniel X Poodle 
Poppy is making slow progress. Thank you for your support. We have enjoyed the sessions.

Rob & Rachel Swarbrick & Lulu
6 month old Cocker Spaniel X Poodle 
Really enjoyed the course, it helped my to develop a closer bond with our dog. I know my wife is really interested in Silver / Agility but due to the baby will be taking 6 week out. Next time my tip would be to remind owners to have fresh & smelly treats which helped us out at assessments!

Alex Lee & Fifi
9 Month old French Bulldog 
Good Training, enjoyed puppy playtime and we learnt a lot 

Chloe Porter & Olive & Annie
5 month old Cocker Spaniel X Poodle &
2 year old Cocker Spaniel X Poodle
Good clear instructions, easy to understand, range of commands were covered. Would recommend the training to others. 

Carol Cookson & Pearl 
16 month old Labrador 

Thanks to Natasha for your patience with Pearl.

Pearls problem is she will insist on jumping up at visitors, after practicing the excersises we were given and changing Pearls food , there has been a vast improvement , still a little way to go yet but many thanks for setting us in the right direction.

Looking foreward to agility classes next year.

Karen Bowes & Lola
5 year old Labrador 

We both loved it!!

It was great that there were only 2 of us at first so we got plenty of practice with the basics.  It was good that it was only 6 weeks to start with as ability varies and sometimes you are sat waiting for a while for your turn again.

We are both looking forward to moving up a level and Tasha & Kerry are both lovely. I really look forward to my Tuesday Nights now! 

Thanks, Karen and Lola

Carole Tammadon & Frankie
5 year old Pug X Jack Russel

Hi my name is Frankie I was adopted from dogs trust, unfortunately for my humans I've been a bit of a handful. After a year of unsuccessfully trying to train me they looked for help and were recommended KRRs
Training.  I passed my Bronze course I also recently passed my Silver. Natasha and Kerry have completely changed my life and my humans, they have taught me so many new commands, with their help and patience I'm much better behaved.

I've now started their agility classes and I'm having a great time. If you want to see how I'm doing come to the agility demo at The estuary country park on Sunday 7th August, raising money for homeless hounds. Will keep you informed of my progress

Kath Bromfield & Maisie
8 month old ShitZu X Yorkie

Fantastic location with easy access. Natasha very helpful no matter how many times I phoned for advice out of class hours.
Great Advice on health checks. Everyone was very helpful & friendly. Looking forward for the Gold Obedience Class.

If Maisie and I can do it so can anybody.

Thanks KRRS

Susan Bull & Patch 
9 month old ShitZu 

Patch has come on in leaps and bounds due to his obedience training. He is quite a timid dog with strangers but with KRRs training he is getting much better with other dogs and eventually will be good with people.

Thanks all Sue Bull

Pauline Camm & Reuben
18 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross

My 18 month old Ridgeback Cross was very aggressive towards anyone coming into the house, plus while on the lead with people and dogs.

We had one visit from a trainer who stated he wasn't aggressive it was excitement and how to handle his excitement inside and outside the house.

We are working on the excitement in the house but my dog is now a completely different dog on his lead and walks are less stressful.

Would highly recommend this training service 

Michelle Lomas & Smudge
4 year old Border Collie

Good Venue. The staff gave excellent tips and advice for general obedience. 
We enjoyed attending classes and are looking forward to starting Agility. 

We also got good advice about health checks too

Julie McMillan & Mike
2 year old Chihuahua Cross

Having a rescue dog who has been re homed six times and beaten and been abused, I was a bit reluctant when deciding to keep him. But with the help and great advice from Tash and her workers and dogs, my dog has come on in leaps and bounds, he is more confident.

Sociable and more like a dog should be. I would recommend this training to everybody who wants perfect training for their pet.

I can't thank them enough and although our training is at an end they are always at the end of a phone with any advice x

Nigel, Linda and Jessica Kirkpatrick & Jacob
2 year old Chihuahua

We contacted Natasha at KRRS Training to help us with Jacob's behaviour, as he was too possessive over his food bowl and toys. When anyone tried to take them away from him he became defensive and snarled.

Natasha showed us some simple techniques that we could follow and after 2 weeks we noticed a significant difference in his behaviour. He will now sit obediently while we remove and refill his bowl and is much more relaxed about the whole process.

Thank you Natasha for your brilliant and professional advice - Jacob is much happier and so are we. 

Carl & Jenny Richmond & Ozzy
2 year old Border Terrier

Ozzy started to show signs of aggression towards other dogs while on his lead, so we decided it would be beneficial for us to have 1-2-1 training so we could understand why he was behaving like this, and how we could work with him to improve it.

During our first session with Natasha she was able to see how Ozzy behaved around other dogs, and explained why he was acting out while on the lead. She also talked us through the stages of his aggression and tips on how to get his focus on us...mainly using treats as Ozzy is very motivated by food. After the first session we were able to understand why Ozzy was acting the way he was, and we have seen a great improvement.

In total we had three 1-2-1 sessions and it was definitely worth it! Thanks Natasha, Kerry, Ella and Ria! 

Kathy Seddon & Boo
2 years old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

So pleased with the progress Boo has made in the Bronze class. She started as a quivering, scared doggy and finished the class tonight as the first one to ever get full marks.

We are all incredibly proud of Boo and how far she has come. She loves going to class, learning and playing with her new friends.

All of team are amazing and have given us lots of support to get to this stage. Can't wait for the challenge of Silver and to start Agility. BGT here we come! Thanks very much. Kathy

Janet Carroll & Mia 
8 month old Border Collie

​Natasha started working with us to socialise Mia and work on her recall. Through following Natasha's suggestions and being consistent with them, Mia's recall is now spot on and she is a reliable little dog who is a pleasure to take out.
Mia's lack of social skills were not as worrying as I initially thought. A lot of her perceived anti-social behaviours were instinctive, 'herding' behaviours and, once I got my head around that, it became easier to work with her by diverting her attention rather than getting exasperated!

Mia and her brother Milo were introduced to assessment dogs: Ella and Ria, gradually and separately, and there were no problems. In fact, they became firm friends. Mia wasn't a 'reactive' dog, as we had feared. Enthusiastic and excitable, for sure.
When Mia's 'arch-enemies' were introduced into the mix on the final session, it became clear to Natasha (and us) that the problem wasn't Mia (such a huge relief). All in all, we now have a reliable, sociable, happy little dog who will be starting the Bronze Obedience a Class in June.

Thanks Natasha, Kerry, Ella and Ria. X Now to tackle the pulling on the lead...   

Kerry Murphy & Ella
4 year old Springer Spaniel
I had been attending agility classes for a couple of months with my springer spaniel Ella and we were really enjoying it.

Ella, however, was getting so excited she was jumping off the equipment without touching the contacts.

I spoke to Natasha from KRRs Training and she helped me to get better control of Ella, and showed me some wonderful techniques to train Ella to hit the contacts.

I found Natasha to be a fantastic instructor - she was friendly and professional at all times. Her enthusiasm and passion for dogs, dog training and dog behaviour shines through. She clearly knows her stuff and has a way with dogs.

I'm hoping to compete with Ella very soon and that's a result of the knowledge and training Natasha provided. I can't thank or recommend her enough. 
Sarah Sharples & Bracken
8 year old Parsons Jack Russel Cross 
I have had the privilege of watching Tasha transform from a fellow dog agility novice to a fabulous trainer in her own right. Her enthusiasm, patience and sheer love of dogs shines through ensuring both a fantastic training session and brilliant advice to continue the training at home.
Tasha ensures that both dog and owner are put at ease, allowing time to explore the training area and relax which then makes the session far more productive. After an hours "fun" today, Bracken had mastered all 12 weaves and was starting to add bounce!!
This was all with distractions of pheasants (Bracken's a proper terrier!) and trains (one of her pet hates!!) which makes our progress all the more exciting!
Can't wait to show our improvement in our next competition!!
Clancy Mason, Mark Tierney & Molly
2 year old Border Terrier
We have been so impressed with the improvements in Molly’s confidence and behaviour since Tasha-Anne has been helping us.
Tasha-Anne very much has retrained us as ‘dog-parents’ so we now have a much more consistent approach with Molly.
I’d highly recommend her to anyone who has any concerns about their dog’.